Smart City: Focus on City Design Planning and Exploration for Future City Mode

“Smart City” is a main component of BJDW since its first edition and this year will be again unveiled in the China Millennium Monument under the theme “Bringing Together City Energy and Creating Smart Future”, with insights into City Planning and Architecture.

Special exhibitions, a Forum, the City Design Plaza and other events are launched to hold the spotlight on the most representative city design projects in China’s urban development process in the past decade. Through virtual interaction, experience-based presentations and other various means, these events will attract public participation to explore sustainable and top-quality city life modes for the future, and blaze a new path of city development under China’s new urbanization mode.

Three special exhibitions will follow the keynote of Smart Construction of Urban Economic Ecology and Habitat Ecology, i.e., “Exhibition of 10x100—UED 100 Architects in the Past Decade”, “Beyond Architecture” and “Pavilion of Today and Tomorrow”, which will be open to the public free of charge in China Millennium Monument during BJDW 2015. The Forum will present two thematic sessions entitled “Design for China” and “Urban Renaissance 2050”, respectively. Academic discussion and industry experience will grope for development direction of Chinese cities. City Design Plaza is a dedicated public culture and creativity space in the South Plaza of China Millennium Monument, which displays and promotes urban public designs and art installations, and helps designs blend into city life.