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Shougang Park

Park profile: “New shougang Advanced Business Zone(ShougangPark)is one of the “Four News” (four new high-end industrial districts)of the industrial patterns of six high-end industrial functional areasand four new high-end industrial districts of Beijing’s “12th FiveYearPlan”. Beijing Municipal Government formally approved ControlDetailed Planning of Shougang Park in 2012. With the floor area of8.63 km2 and the total floor space of 10,600,000 m2, the park is thelargest developable area along the Chang’an Street. And the majorplan area and the surrounding collaborative development area ofShougang Group cover an area of 22.3 km2.Resources of the Park: With the planning area of 8.63 km2 and thetotal floor space of 10,600,000 km2, Shougang Park forms the spacestructure and function division of “Five Areas and Two Belts”, includingHeadquarter Economy Area, Comprehensive Service Central Area,Cultural Creative Industrial Park, Comprehensive Supporting Area,Industrial Park, Urban Public Activity Leisure Belt and Binhe RiverLeisure Belt.



2016-09-27- 2016-10-07


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