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Exhibition Time:

September 21 - September 23, 2018

Exhibition location:

China Millennium Monument,Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing and etc.


As the academic forum of Beijing Design Week, Beijing Design Forum aims to lead the direction of innovative development, unfold the beauty of Beijing as a national cultural center, technological innovation center, and “City of Design”. Beijing Design Forum focuses on design and industry development frontier, gathers some of the most influential scholars, experts, entrepreneurs to create the exchange platform.

2018 Beijing Design Forum is consists of twoparts, “Design Promotes Urban Development” and “Power of Design  protection, inheritance and innovative development of traditional cultural in the context of globalization”.

The former part will invite representatives from 35 “Design City”, Design Week/festival and Design Museum, around the world. Representatives will discuss on two topics, one is how to introduce multicultural, while maintainits essentiality and characteristic, into variant aspect of society by innovative design. The other one is how to make the most efficient of Design Week event to propel regional development.

The latter part will invite guess speakers, including the successor of intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship, designer, legal expert, and scholar and management specialist, to have a dialog on the protection, inheritance and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage, especially on how to evolve intangible cultural heritage from traditional craftsmanship into consumable product, satisfying the need of people, and resurrecting.


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