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Exhibition Time:

September 22 - October 7, 2018

Exhibition location:

Gehua Tower and etc.


       The core idea of Innovative Design service conference is inspired by initiative of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. The project is aimed at providing a full range of services for design innovation and entrepreneurship, including innovative design, design management, VC investment, and design copyright protection, thus building a favorable environment for design innovation and entrepreneurship, and connecting innovative ideas and design practice.

       The theme of 2018 Innovative Design Service Conference is “Development and Protection of Intellectual Property”. Associate with the Palace Museum, CCTV Animation,, Visual China Group, ZBJ Network Inc., The project provides series of activities, including: Innovative Product Design Contest for Chinese 24 Solar Terms; The Good Design of China; collection of Chinese Traditional Color code and Construction of Material Library; The Collection of Chinese Traditional Patterns and Construction of Material Library; Beijing International Animation Design Service Conference; Chinese Film Derivatives Exhibition and Chinese Film Derivatives Design Competition Conference and etc., expressing the traditional Chinese cultural in a brand new way, Furthering the development the IPs of Chinese traditional cultural, arouse people’s enthusiasmon carrying on Chinese cultural to a higher level.

And meanwhile, 2018 Innovative Design service design conference will devote to discover new original design, by guiding innovations toward daily life, converge utility, artistic, practicality and market demand, and to promote the design service as vital force in “Satisfying People’s Increasing Need”.


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