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Exhibition Time:

September 21 - September 26, 2018

Exhibition location:

National Agricultural Exhibition Center.


As a significant new section of the 2018 BJDW, “Intangible Cultural Heritage Design “is themed with “Modern Design Integrate into Traditional Craftsmanship,Traditional Craftsmanship Integrate into Modern Life”, exhibit the course ofevolution and development of traditional craftsmanship, present its innovation,value and spirit.

The section of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Design” will consist of twoparts, “philosophy of daily lifetheme of Chinese Traditional Handicraft exhibition” and “Dialogue- Exchange between Traditional handicraft and Modern Design”.

“philosophy of daily life theme of Chinese Traditional Handicraft exhibition” will assemble traditional craftsmanship design institution, successor of traditional craftsmanship, and craftsmanship enterprise all over the country, gathering over one hundred of successor and designer and their project. Nearly one thousand design works, covering cloths, catering, reside, transport, tools and etc, will be on display. The exhibition aims to advancethe consumable intangible cultural heritage design.

‘Dialogue- Exchange between Traditional handicraft and Modern Design’will focus on ‘traditional construct with modern architect’ and ‘transforming from traditional intangible cultural heritageby design’. It aims to connect heritage successors and professional designers, andto study how to integrate modern design into traditional craft, and the application of traditional craft in daily life.


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