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Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee|The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)|China National Furniture Association(CNFA)

Beijing Zvcom Design & Culture Art Co., LTD


China Word Art Museum

Exhibition Time:

September 21 - October 6, 2017

Exhibition location:

Century Hall, East Hall and WestHall of China Millennium Monument


The Theme Exhibition is an important manifestation ofthe academic leadership of Beijing Design Week, and itis also an important platform for the delivery of Chi-nese design ideas to the world. “Harmony with Nature- Design Drives Sustainable Development Communityof Human”, will be held at China Millennium Monumentbetween September 22 – October 6, 2017.

With economy development and trade globalization,emergence of contradictions and conflicts, irresponsibledesigns of all kinds, out of control global environmen-tal issues, excessive consumption caused by excessivedesign may be to blame. The theme of “Harmony withNature”, aims at returning to the design origin and ex-ploring the genes and forces behind the Chinese designdevelopment and Chinese culture, especially concepts ofoneness of Heaven and Man, Respect and Reverence forNature, Sustainable Development. Designers are encour-aged to break the common dilemma of social develop-ment with more responsibilities and contribute moreChinese wisdom and solutions to global development.

In addition, the Exhibition emphasizes the concept of“Sustainable Development Community”, to illustratethe idea that design subject in design field is not aperson, but includes designers, government, culturalinstitutions, enterprises, media, public, and many other groups. The formation of design community is the prac-tice of harmony in the context of globalization, so as toachieve a balanced sustainable development of society,economy, environment and culture.


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