Innovators in sustainable urbanization from China and the Netherlands will come together to explore solutions for a better future 

In this urban age, how can we be healthy and happy in our cities? And how should we nurture our cities, with clean air, water, energy, and food, so that they in turn nurture our lives?

These are the critical questions and solutions being explored at The Nurturing House by Next City Living Lab, supported by the Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. The Nurturing House, set to debut during the 2015 Beijing Design Week, will be situated in the bustling and historic Dashilar hutong district. From Sep-tember 23 to October 31, 2015, The Nurturing House will be a home for the brightest ideas for a better future in China, hosting over twenty exhibits by leading designers from China and the Netherlands, as well as presentations and conferences. The Nurturing House will welcome all who seek to build a better future together.

The Nurturing House by Next City Living Lab marks the fifth consecutive year of The Netherlands’ participation in Beijing Design Week. Working closely with the China Building Center, this year’s public programme will focus around the theme of “Doing More with Less, Together for a Sustainable Urban Future”. Between September 24 and September 26, Next City Living Lab will feature a series of public programmes, including: Networked by Nature - 2050 Presentation, The Nurturing House Conversations as well as exhibits from leading design inno-vators including MVRDV, Droog Design, Pauline van Dongen and West8.

The Dutch ambassador, Mr. Aart Jacobi, expressed: “I have seen that much can be gained from matching Chinese and Dutch expertise in collaborative creative partnerships jointly working to-wards improving the quality of life in our cities for the long-term. It’s wonderful to see so many of our country’s key innovators taking part in the Next City Living Lab. This shows that China is an important partner for the Netherlands, also in the creative industries.”

The three main topics of “More with Less”,  “Small but Smart” and “Meeting of Minds” link the various presentations, conferences, exhibits and events. Christine de Baan, Dutch creative indus-tries expert and Curator of The Nurturing House, said: “I am very pleased to be able to bring some of the most innovative minds in design from China and the Netherlands to The Nurturing House, to jointly explore a more holistic approach to the way our cities are planned, and connecting important issues such as quality of life and human needs.”

Deputy Director of BJDW Vittorio Sun remarked: “We have a very good working relationship with Netherlands ever since the first edition of the BJDW in 2011 and our mutual efforts culminated in a Letter of Intent that was signed by the Dutch ambassador and our Deputy Director of BJDW Zeng Hui in 2014 with the intent to increase our collaboration in the coming 3 years. The Next City Living Lab is established as one of the key projects within that framework.”

China Building Center Academy Director, Helen Yao, expressed: “China Building Center positions itself in the context of urban development in China and is a hub for professional networking and intelligence exchange for architects, urban planners, developers and operators, therefore we are very excited to join forces with the Next City Living Lab to create a highly relevant and engaging Sino-Dutch public programme.”

The Nurturing House by Next City Living Lab embodies innovation and creativity for a better urban future, it also aims to demonstrate the spirit and strengths of Dutch design: pragmatic, open-minded, conceptual and adhering to the principle ‘less is more’. For Beijing Design Week 2015, The Nurturing House will feature top designers and innovators from The Netherlands and China, including:

AIM; Beijing University of Technology; Boon Edam; China Building Center; Dashilar Platform; Delft University of Technology; Droog Design; DSM; Studio EVADELAAT x Carola Design; Kuiper Compagnons; LAVA; MARS Architects; MLA+; MORE Architecture; MVRDV; NEXT Architects; Niek Roozen bv.; NL Architects; OMA; Pauline Van Dongen; Play and Learn with Miffy; Powerhouse Company; Space & Matter; Studio Henny van Nistelrooy; Sue Zhou Does Food; Towards 2050; Tsinghua University; Ubi Gallery; UN Studio; UNIform & U.D.L.R; VenhoevenCS; West8;

The Netherlands is committed to building a better urban future through collaboration. In the coming years, the Next City Living Lab will be a connective platform for on-going Sino-Dutch partnerships for sustainable urban future in China and the world. The platform looks forward to fostering long-term collaboration between companies, education institutes and government de-partments.

Mark Your Calendars!

The Nurturing House by Next City Living Lab
Public Programmes at Beijing Design Week

Date Programme Location
September 23-October 31
“Doing More with Less, Together for a Sus-tainable Urban Future” Designer Exhibits The Nurturing House
21 Sanjing Hutong, Dashilar, Xicheng district

September 24
13:00 – 16:30pm The Network City, by Towards 2050 Project The Nurturing House
21 Sanjing Hutong, Dashilar, Xicheng district

September 25
Noon-17:00pm The Nurturing House Conversations 1
The Factory, 8 Dawailan-gying Hutong Dashilar, Xicheng district

September 26
Noon-18:00pm The Nurturing House Conversations 2
The Factory, 8 Dawailan-gying Hutong Dashilar, Xicheng district

About Next City Living Lab
Debuting in 2015, the Next City Living Lab aims to highlight and support existing partnerships, while creating new opportunities for joint research, knowledge exchange, and business develop-ment in pursuit of sustainable urbanization and creating a better future for all mankind. In the coming years, the Next City Living Lab will be a platform for meeting of minds coming from different disciplines, from business, education and government; from the Netherlands and from China.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors
Beijing Design Week; Boon Edam; Creative Industries Fund NL; Dashilar Platform; DSM; Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.