Symphony of Blues

Language, sound, noise and music – shape our lives. The sense of sight has been given clear priority over the sense of hearing since ancient times: hearing associated with emotion and seeing associated with the superior rationality. In antiquity, proportion, rhythm and harmony were terms, which linked the disciplines of architecture, design and music as real equals.

studio O “Symphony of Blues” installation for the Beijing Design Week 2015 in the winter garden of Indigo Mall, is an attempt to find, merge and re-link the pre-mentioned disciplines. Over a hundred meters of linear installation, are strategically distributed inside the large, indoor open space, converting the big ‘winter garden’ volume into a spatially diverse continuum of ‘areas’ which flow into each other, yet are subtly separated, where the ‘start’ or the ‘end’ is yet to be discovered.

Spatial relations, perspectives, materials, views, natural and artificial light and acoustics create a clear and refined composition and hierarchy of spaces. Rhythmic approaches and sequences vary the relationship between the spaces; between the interior and exterior space of the exhibition; between the light and the shadows. The range of blue colors come into play as an additional character, as an element that creates mood, either in harmony with or in contrast to the nature of the existing surroundings. In order to create this ‘Symphony’ of colors, studio O selected 7 different tones of blues, that by modifying them through: saturation, brightness and hue, composing a color palette of 88 different blues - the number of existing sounds in a symphony.

Incorporating around 400 pieces of fabric, studio O creates a harmonic spatial composition of horizontal and vertical relationships, light and dark, the play of shadows, a dialogue between silence and sound: a spatial choreography named: “Symphony of Blues.”

Organizer: studio O Ltd.
Participants: studio O Ltd.
Designers: Cristiano Bianchi, Effi Meridor, Enrico Ancilli, Yibo Yang, Boentt Wang
Date: 9.19-10.7 
Address: Indigo, 18 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District