VULCAN will be architecturally the biggest 3D printed structure in the world. It will be situated at the 2015 Beijing Design Week Venue - the central atrium of the high-tech style shopping and office complex of Parkview Green.

VULCAN came from Latin, which in English means ‘volcano’. In Roman mythology, it is originally the name given to the ‘God of Fire. The emergence in the idea of VULCAN symbolises a sense of fear and respect to the unpredictable forces of nature, while suggesting the fragility yet courage of the human civilisation.

VULCAN will be an arched structure akin to the mushroom cloud that forms during an volcanic eruption. It serves as a medium for matter to self-release when under tremendous force and pressure. Simultaneously, its formation also much depends on the activity of such natural phenomena. Nature creates its miracles through a complex cycle of violent change and self-rebalancing, yet men, through the progress of a mere 2000 years, have already found the perfect original form -- the Arch.

VULCAN will be situated within an equilateral triangle, and will have a symmetry of 120 degrees. 8.08m long by 2.88 m tall, it can be subdivided into three identical modules, thus making it flexible for reorganising in order to fit the site of exhibition and activity areas requirements. VULCAN takes precedent from LCD’s long term research in the spatial form of cocoons, where we constantly search for suitable methods for 3D printing its artistic reinterpretations. It extrapolates the form from the cocoon’s biological parent body, in translating the various possibilities, we seek to combine the 3D printing and spatial construction processes with the activities at the Beijing International Design Week. It will create an open plan ‘parent body’ that can accommodate various activities for the public.

VULCAN takes on the form of an arch, and the Arch as a natural structural form perfectly defines the most beautiful moment of VULCAN. The form of VULCAN naturally renders itself through counter- gravity calculations, reflecting the spatial balance of matter and gravity. So far, not many people have tried to apply the 3D printing technology to the construction of large scale and complex spaces.
What we understand of 3D printing is often limited to souvenir making, or small objects of daily use. Designers from the LCD have developed radical new ways of using the technology with the support of new design techniques and construction methods. VULCAN will be consisted of 1023 different 3D printing constructive units. This system is a complete breakaway from the traditional method of arch construction, and will be used in creating the core space of the Parkview Green at the Beijing Design Week. It will be the world’s biggest 3D printed architectural space to date (a piece of architecture by academic standard, which is to take up nearly 100 sqm, and can be taken apart or assembled at will). As the main stage for Beijing Design Week Opening Ceremony, as well as the main vessel for Design Week activities, LCD will proudly welcome your arrival!

Organizer: Laboratory for Creative Design
Designers: Yu Lei, Feng Xu, Liu Zhongyuan, Chen Siqi, Guo Wenqiang, Xiao Sai
Sponsors: ASCS, Parkview Green
Date: 9.24-10.7
Address: LG2, Parkview Green, Chaoyang District