【Call for your ideas】“Design +” Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotes
Cultural Inheritance and Innovation Development

June 10th marked the first Cultural andNatural Heritage Day in China. On the same day, BDW (Beijing Design Week) LogoDesign Contest for 24 Solar Terms launched in Beijing. Attendees at the launchceremony were from Beijing Municipal Stateowned Cultural Assets Supervisionand Administration Office, Public Service Center of China MeteorologicalAdministration, China Central Academy of Fine Art, the BDW OrganizingCommittee, project partners, design organizations, colleges and universities,and the media.

The 24 solar termsis the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. It embodies our experience ofastronomy, phenology and agricultural meteorology; therefore it is regarded asthe fifth great invention of ancient China in the field of internationalmeteorology. It has been included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritagelist since November 30th 2016.

A significantmission and component of BDW is to promote the redesign, protection andinheritance of intangible cultural heritage by means of creative design. To thisend, BDW, as a platform with rich experience and excellent design resources, islaunching a publicfacing logo design contest for 24 solar terms. By integratingdomestic and international design organizations and designer resources, andcoordinating with relevant organizations, BDW will motivate the most publicattention and the widest participation to the design contest.

We will transform the intangible 24 solar terms into acultural symbol system that embodies its core cultural connotation and meetswith modern communication rules. We aim to promote the inheritance, innovationand practice of this intangible culture, and enhance the cultural identity andbrand recognition of traditional Chinese culture and intangible cultural heritagein China and around the world. As an important activity of BDW, the design contestwill play a significant role in promoting the development of excellent Chinesetraditional culture and the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. Duringthis contest, we will bring in the best resources, experts and designers in thecreative design industry and coordinate with competent organizations. We willtransform the intangible 24 solar terms into a cultural symbol system thatembodies its core cultural connotation and meets with modern communicationrules.

We aims to promote the inheritance, innovation and practice of this intangible culture, and enhance the cultural identity and brand recognition of traditional Chinese culture and intangible cultural heritage in China and around the world. BDW will also explore the practical value of the logo systems of the 24 solar terms through nonprofit promotion and industrial development, and give full play to the role of creative design to promote the integration between excellent traditional culture and modern life style.

The contest has two stages: the first review and thefinal review. It welcomes design works from communities, universities, designorganizations, designers and the general public. The Organizing Committee of BDW willselect the jury members from experts in the fields of design, folk customs,traditional culture, international communication and government departments. Atotal of 30 submissions will be shortlisted during the first review. In thefinal review, the jury will select 10 awardwining design works from the 30entries. All shortlisted and winning works will be exhibited and awarded at anawarding ceremony of 2017 BJDW. The winning designers will have the opportunityto join the logo design team for the 24 solar terms and join the global launchand promotion of the 24 solar terms logo systems held during the springfestival of 2008.

The applicants could download the contest documents through  links by the end of the page, or log on the activity page of Visual China: www.shijue.me. The submission time is from 12:00 June 10th to 24:00 August 1st ,2017.



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