Develop Professional Industrial Chain of Design Service and Explore New Ways for Urban Renewal and Reinvigoration The Opening Ceremony of 2016 Beijing Design Week Innovation Design Service Conference

At the night of September 24, the Innovation Design Service Conference hosted by Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and organized by Beijing Gehua Design Company and Gehua Innovative Design Service Center (DSC) was kicked offin the DSC on the 13th floor of Gehua Tower. The Innovation Design Service Conference is one of the nine main parts of Beijing Design Week (BJDW) and its opening ceremony, also called the Night of Design Service is themed with“Design Service Industry”. This activity attempts to build a communication and negotiation platform for the design community, cultural and creative industry and investors, gather different design service providers, promote integrative development between designing and other relevant industries and establish a supply chain concerning design services. Deputy Secretary-General of the BJDW Organizing Committee and Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department YU Junsheng, Secretary of the Management Committee of Dongcheng Core Science Park of Zhongguancun Science Park LI Zhaohong, Deputy Director HAN Shufan, Executive Deputy Director of Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee Office and General Manager of Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group LI Danyang and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and discussed with famous designers including MA Xiaowei, WANG Gang, CHE Fei, YANG Lin and ZHUANG Ziyu concerning designs of localization and urban renewal. Representative of design institutes, entrepreneurs, investors and media representatives were all invited to attend the opening ceremony.

The Night of Design Service Builds a Communication and Negotiation Platform for Industry Professionals

First, DSC Planning Director LIU Xiaolin gave a brief introduction concerning the DSC concept and service scope to the attending guests. DSC is a platform for creative design service and a incubationlaboratory established based on Gehua Tower Innovative Design Service Center; it aims to promote integration between designing and other industries and provide innovative design services for designers and design institutes at home and abroad concerning original R&D, design cooperation, design exhibition and design management. Currently, the design service of DSC includes four parts, namely the innovative design and industry integration service themed innovative laboratory, the maker and design service focusing on Maker Faire Beijing, the international design exchange service focusing on the design service of BJDW and the localization design service focusing on designing for urban renewal of Qinglong Hutong, forming a unique design service system.

Afterwards, Olympics Branding Scholar, Brand Asset Management Expert and Evaluation Expert of National Standard for Brand Evaluation YANG Xilun, Deputy General Manager of Dongfang Yonghe International Copyright Exchange Center YUE Zhanfeng and Founder of Design Center of London (DCL) MA Xiaowei each shared their own experiences and understandings concerning brand and design service, copyright and design service and how soft cities trigger urban renewal.

During the subsequent “Design Service MatchmakingParty”, attending guests discussed in groups and displayed the key words for design service in 2016 and the “High Terrace Cocktail Party” created a sound atmosphere for guests to communicate in the open air. The entire event mainly focused on the industrial exchange and business negotiation of design service and established a highly integrated service platform for domestic and foreign fine resources in innovative design.

Localization Design Changes the “Face” of Traditional Blocks

On that afternoon, the Qinglong Hutong Renewal and Reinvigoration Experience Exhibition cum Opening Ceremony was held in the public space on the 1st floor of Gehua Tower. The “Qinglong Hutong Renewal and Reinvigoration” project is under the guidance of the Management Committee of Dongcheng Core Science Park and is also the urban renewal project jointly implemented by DSC and DCL. This Exhibition consists of 8 parts including the new concept and system of “soft city”, research and practice of “Typology of Urban Space” and the research and practice of “Urban Public Art”.

Localization design is the brand design service plan of Gehua Innovative Design Service Center (DSC), and it includes three aspects, namely urban renewal design, rural renewal design and design of tourism culture products. As the first urban case of DSC localization design plan, Qinglong Hutong Cultural and Innovative Block has great development potential in its excellent geographic location and its surroundings. On such basis, Qinglong Hutong Cultural and Innovative Block upholds the concept of “New Neighborhood” and aims to create a brand new neighboring relation featuring “traditional residential community” and “emerging innovative industry” at the level of living city, digital block, innovative and mutual economy, cultural and innovative industrialization, public space and public art. By means of image, model, concept design, look appearance and other methods, this Exhibition explores ways to establish a special ecological system of urban renewal and reinvigoration for Chinese cities, and hopes to provide examples and possible development guidance through such experimental and practical practices for the development planning of Chinese cities in the next stage.

MA Xiaowei, Founder of DCL and chief designer of the Qinglong Hutong Project, spoke at the Opening Ceremony that, “Soft City” is living city, experiencing city and is the core theme for China’s urban development in the second stage. From this perspective, the typical yet unique renewal project of Qinglong Hutong city block is counted as an attempt to find ways for the development, renewal and reinvigoration, future operation and management of Chinese cities.

Innovation Design Service Conference Builds the Multi-dimensional Design Service System

The Night of Design Service represents the official launch of the Innovation Design Service Conference and in the coming 6 days, the Innovation Design Service Conference would hold many activities including “Brand Service Session” and “Innovation Laboratories Session”, such as using “Design of Chinese Character: From IP to Appearance” to demonstrate the management of cultural symbol and cultural brand; discussing how Innovation Laboratory integrates “innovation, design and industry” and how to establish a supply chain system for design copyright; and how to understand human-computer interaction design from user experience; moreover,there would benegotiations with Norwegian experts and scholars concerning the possibility of making buildings more sustainable, environmental, energy-efficient, aesthetically valuable and useful.

These issues are of close relations with industrial practices and would gradually help designers and designing institutions find service solutions and provide practical service reference for the design industry.