High-end Customized Design Leads to Quality Life, Service Platform Facilitates Trans-disciplinary Integration

Beijing Design Fair (BDF), co-hosted by Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing) was unveiled in Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone Culture Free Port. The core project of BJDW’s design trade segment, BDF takes the opportunities brought by the policies of Beijing on service trade demonstration zones, makes use of the spaces and policy support of the Culture Free Port in Tianzhu, and attracts a number of international, high-level design brands and institutions. Through theB2B design trade service platform, a series of bonded cultural presentations, commercial cooperation and communication activities are organized for enterprises, aiming to expand design trade channels, promote long-term trade between Chinese and foreign enterprises, and lead domestic cultural enterprises to the international market. BDF will conclude on September 28.  

High-end personalization, New Fashions Led by Design and Technology

BDF attracts a number of international cultural trade enterprises and fashion brands. Zhonghan Santai Cultural Media Co., Ltd. and STCommerce of Korea co-launchthe composite cultural entertainment space thatincorporated personalization and fashion in life esthetic designs. There are also high-end customization spaces consisting of fashion customization, cosmetics and fashion brands. In the fashion customization zone, visitors may self-tailor through imported 3Dholographic scan technology and “wear” the products through VR technology. They may also look through fashions and accessories of all styles and ask for advices from Korean designers.

Traditional Chinese and Foreign Craftsmanship

Traditional design techniques are passed on, incorporate with modern designsand displayed in the exhibition. Visitors may appreciate medieval AGEHOME furniture representing the delicate arts of North Europe, orthe innovation of Zhenghegong in representation of classical royal enamel on porcelain sculptures, or enjoy the intangible cultural heritages and handicrafts represented by the “Eight Tour de Forces of Yanjing”,and admire the ambitions of Chinese and foreign artists.

New Brand Products Launched both Online and Offline

BDF features paralleled online and offline activities. New brand products from Holland and Italy are released in the exhibition halls and through e-commerce platforms. Wenmaotong (Beijing) Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. and Amazon China (Z.cn)exclusively released200 new designs including Tomorrow’s Kitchen from Holland, Rivadossi Sandrochildren’s tableware from Italy, and the century-old Eva Solo from Denmark. Amazon China has launched the online creativity exhibition on quality international brands at Z.cn/BDF. Interested buyers may visit the webpage of BDF. Amazon Creativity Exhibition for discounts.

Building Service system based on Design Platform and Favorable Policy

Thanks to the exhibition, the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing)will welcome Beijing Linde E-commerce Co., Ltd., BeijingShunxin Dingyuan New International Trade Co., Ltd.  and Shenli (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd.engaged in trade logistics and cross-border e-commerce services. At the meantime,  many of the Chinese and foreign cultural creativity, design and production service platforms attracted byBDF will register in the Base, ready to provide personalized, targeted high-end design services and bonded presentation services. BDF, via the national cultural trade service platform and Tianzhu FTZ, will promote the development of modern service trade in the airport economic zone and echo and policy of Beijing on extensive development of service trade.