Xinhua 1949 Creativity Fiesta, A Creative Carnival in BJDW Parallel Session

After three months’ preparation, the BJDW parallel session in Xinhua 1949 Cultural and Financial Innovation Center was kicked off on September 30. Co-hosted by Beijing Cultural Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., China PrintingCorporationand Beijing Pinnar Creative Design Co., Ltd., Xinhua 1949 Creativity Fiesta was themed “Color, Fragrance, Beauty of Creativity” and participated by about 100 excellent designers, craftsmen, geeks, artists and design institutions.Held in both indoor and outdoor venues covering nearly 20,000 square meters in total,the Carnival consisted of four segments namely creativity market, interactive experience, open-air film and installation arts to showcase the charms of diverse creativities and designs.

Segment 1: Creativity market

At the Market,works by makers, independent brands, traditional craftsmanship, creative foods and gardening works full of creativity and design elements were available for the public.

Pinnar: We Make Life Beautiful

One of the hosts, Pinnarbrought dozens creatively-made cushions, porcelain wares and woodworks. Its concrete lab presented concrete DIY. Pinnar designers shared their design process and design ideas with the publicthrough

Alibaba Cultural China: From Intangible Cultural Heritage to Originality

Cultural China is an eco-platform of Alibaba Group that serves Chinese craftsmen including not only intangible cultural heritage inheritors but also a large number of original designers and handicraft enthusiasts. At the Carnival, Cultural China exhibited ten well-chosen independent handicraft brands.

Xian’er of Longquan Temple: We Are All Xian’ers

Longquan Temple, athousand-year old and hi-tech temple, is a big name on web. Xian’er, an animation IP of Longquan Animation center, with cutedesign and incredible AI, also runs a great fame. Exhibits at the Carnival included a series of Xian’er motion pictures, micro films, and derivatives of Xian’er brand. Visitors could also make Xian’er figures with light clay.

Xidong: The Beauty of Handmade and Design

Xidong Shop is a friendly and considerate store run by two young guys in 798 Art Zone, selling interesting things made by excellent Chinese handicraftsmen and independent byway designers as well as nice sweeties. At the Carnival, they brought a number of new and classic works that exhibited the beauty of handmade and design.

Segment 2: Interaction

The Carnival is highlighted by interactive programs ranging from traditional handmade arts to VR, UAV, automatic gardening and 3D printing. Children were excited in working with artists at chalk painting, a popular art in foreign countries.

The Value of Nihility—Xuyuan’s Traditional Handicraft and Art Exhibition

Xuyuan is dedicated to pluralistic arts. Starting from block print, its business scope now covers Chinese painting, sculpture and canvas. The Academyis active in academic research and international art exchange to promote the industrialization of artistic creation, and has shaped the industrial agglomeration of pluralistic arts. At the Carnival, it feasted the visitors with Chinese paintings, canvases, block prints and sculptures as well as oriental cultural elements including woodblocks and performances of tea culture and incense culture.

Ideal: Joyful Office

Ideal is a pioneer designer team of creative spaces. In its exhibition area, visitors could take a panorama view of the entire business center from the lobby, enjoy its recent design works, or experience the VR spaces in the F1 meeting room.

Nafuture: Living with Plants

A group of young guys, dreaming of “making homes gardens and living with plants”, cultivate greeneries in special culture medium affixed with independently developed smart hardware which monitors the conditions of plants and indoor space, and remind you through APP or activate the automatic gardening system. All these were on display at the Carnival.

Ionic Air Purification Experiencing Pavilion: Fresh Air + Fresh Coffee

Visitors to the pavilion could enjoy fresh air and fresh coffee in a green space, and forget the haze days. They could also experience the advanced air purifiers provided by the company.

Kuwan Lab: Access to UAV

“The Most Interesting DIY Community in China”, Kuwan Lab brought its Dark Knight UAV, a mini four-rotor-winged unmanned aerial vehicle for DIYers aged above eight, who could learn aviation knowledge and assemble and fly the little things following online instructions.

QMguoji: Experiencing VR Cultural Relics

Qmguoji,a hi-tech cultural entity, is engaged in new media digit exhibition and digit visual technology. Through installation art, it uses, renovates and combines physical tangible cultural elements to create new spiritual implications. At the Carnival, it brought visitors close to the national treasures by using VR technology.

Frontop: Digit Tide

Frontop Digit Creativity spares no efforts to integrate visual sense, space, creativity and technology. It brought the exhibition themed “Digit Tide” and featured mainstream digit vision and its independent VR experience.

Children’s Chalk Painting: Work with Artists

artists on the floor. The creations would be stored in videos and pictures for display.

Beijing Minsheng CalligrapherPublicFoundation: The Charm and Power of Literature

Beijing Minsheng Calligrapher Public Foundation: is registered with Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau and dedicated to passing on traditional Chinese culture. At the Carnival, it presented a public art education program With Literature, a combination of lectures by world-renowned classical poetry master Mr. Ye Jiaying andworks of famouscalligraphers. The documentary, with the same title, recorded nearly 800,000 clicks on the web and drew world attention. The special issue of With Literature was distributed to visitors.

Segment 3: Open-air Film

Remember the happy childhood with open-air films? Or bring your kinds back to the happy moments rarely seen today? At 6:30 pm, each day from September 30 to October 6, the night was lighted by nine free films. Visitors could also meet the filmmakers.

The Great Artists Documentary Series

Co-sponsored by the Ethnological Video and Visual Anthropology Committee of China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (CUAES), Pinnar Creative Design Co., Ltd. and the Visual Anthropological Research Center of Minzu University of China, and planned by Mr. Zhu Jingjiang and Mr. Cai Cao, the Documentary Series The Great Artists was presented on the east lawn of Xinhua 1949 Cultural and Financial Innovation Center from September 30 to October 4.

The opening film Masters in Forbidden City (special edition): the ordinary courtyards in the west office area of the Forbidden City are the workshops of master restorers. The national treasures, such as the Chinese painting “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” and bronze sculpture “GallopingHorseTreadingonaFlyingSwallow”, have to be restored through their hands before putting on display. The film is an honest record of the restoration process, the craftsmanship of state intangible cultural heritages, the works and lives of the inheritors, the original look of top-level relics and sophisticated restoration techniques.

The closing film Our Characters is presented by the Chinese Memories Program of the National Library of China. The Program, focusing on traditional cultural heritages of China, significant events in modern and contemporary times, and important figures, and based on traditional literature system, is a systematic rescue of oral history and video materials. The achievements are the literature resource systemand relevant services.

Films: Masters in Forbidden City (special edition), Yukou Paper, Ballads of the Spring Sacrifice, A Piece of Xuan Paper, Highland Craftsmanship, Armor Maker in the Steppe, Our Characters

Suspense Film Mr. Wang of the Next Door Premiered

Co-presented by Zhongwang Tianxia International Cultural Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huisi Technology Co., Ltd., the film will bepremiered in the evening of October 5. The story is about Ding Quan, a kongfu master who was stranded in a ridiculous dilemma. Each time at 12 o’clock Ding loses his consciousness and wakes up to find himself back to ten minutes ago. Analysis, even killing, Ding tries everything. Can he escape from the weird ten minutes?

Indulge in Rich Premiered

Presented by Shanghai Shishang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Indulge in Richwas premiered on October 6. The creators will attend the ceremony. The film is about business war: in the heydays of real estate industry, Ding Dafu, a property developer wants to buy the building he sold during the financial crisis. His assistant Li Xiaoshi is the son of Li Dazhuang, a subcontractor who committed suicide because of debt, while his favorite lover Pan Meimei is the daughter of an unpaid migrant worker. To reclaim the property, Ding has to deal with the old rivals Liu and Wang.

Segment 4: Installation Arts

Art forms are restructures with installations to outreach the original implications. Three groups of artists were invited to the Carnival and present different installation arts.

Art forms are restructures with installations to outreach the original implications. Three groups of artists were invited to the Carnival and present different installation arts.

MiA Collective Art is an independent art group consisting of young artists from China, Japan and Korea. “Make it active”, the Group creates cooperation projects for artists, curators, critics, designers and those related to arts, and enables dialogues that facilitate sharing and inspirations. At the Carnival, the Group presented two new projects.Concept Now was a new media exhibition presented by Haley Bueschlen, Alison Chen, Alicia Eggert, Leif Huron, MarieVic, Tong Yixin, You Qi and Zhou Yichen. Mia Interview project “Dialogue Series” waspresented by Japanese architectural designer Shuhei Aoyama.

The Mist: Installation Art of Chen Hongzhi

Artist Chen Hongzhi uses installations and lights to present paintings and create special artistic effects. His painting installation works were on display during the Carnival.

Opening Ceremony


Time: 9:30-17:30, October 1-6

(Open-air film at 17:30)

Location: Xinhua 1949 Cultural and Financial Innovation Center,

No. 4 Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

(Accessible via subway line 2, line 6; west of Guanyuan Wholesale Market)

Admission: free