Enjoyable and Educational Experience in Design Market– Opening of Design Market

On September 26, the “Design Market”, organized by Beijing Blue Shield Century Information Advisory Co., Ltd. and co-hosted by Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and Zhongguancun Zhong An Association for Promotion of Security Industry, was formally unveiled to the audience in the China Millennium Monument and will last till October 7. As one of the main sections of 2016 Beijing Design Week (2016 BJDW), the Design Market takes “Smart City, Safe Living and Innovative Future” as the theme. Centering on the life of common people in smart city and interesting, novel and fun experiencing projects, the Design Market presents an experiencing feast of future smart life to the audience during the National Day holiday through cutting-edge technological achievements and the most innovative design ideas.

Experimental exhibitions catering to ordinary people

This time, the Design Market section is organized in the form of exhibition with simultaneous forums. The seemingly high-end design exhibition integrates the concept of “smart city” into ordinary people’s daily life. The exhibition caters to the ordinary people and features unique and innovative “experiences”. The five major exhibition areas, namely the smart security core exhibition area, the smart health core exhibition area, the smart life core exhibition area, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) exhibition area and the “green living and smart life” innovative design exhibition area enables the audience to experience a true “smart life”.

During the exhibition, the audience will find cutting-edge civil products related to smart city and enjoy in person the safety, convenience, comfort and fun brought by modern science, technology and design in the three major exhibition areas, namely smart security, smart health and smart life. At the same time, the selling areas are specially provided where the audience can buy their favorite technological and design products at the most preferential price through one-stop experience services.

Experiencing Smart + Health

With the progress of society, health has received more and more attentions of the ordinary people. On the exhibition site, the self-service health management expert “Kangjia Health Station” focuses on rapid, unharmed, comprehensive and accurate sub-health testing. Sitting quietly for 2 minutes at the health station, the experiencer may have the test results and interpretations of 80-plus indexes of 9 major systems of human body.  

Likewise, the Life Sense Body Fat Scale S7, another experience project focusing on physical health, is a simple yet technology-based weighing scale. Through applying the Bio-Impedance Measuring Technology (BIA), the scale monitors 6 body indexes, namely weight, BMI, fat, muscle, bone mass and water, records and analyzes physical conditions and helps a long-term monitoring and management of health. Meanwhile, the scale can also synchronize the measured data to mobile APP via WIFI, enabling easy checks of health data and management of your health and the health of your family.

Besides, Datang Jingke’s Bluetooth hearing aid enables many “hard-of-hearing” audiences to “hear”. Apart from the common hearing aid function, the hearing aid may also be automatically switched to your Bluetooth earphones while you are using a mobile, which have effectively realized the hearing of voices while chatting, making phone calls and watching TV.

Experiencing Smart + Robot

At the crowded scene, a small “lovely and fatty” robot catches the eye of many parents and their children. The robot called Xiaole is a parenting robot. The robot catches a boom on the scene because it’s different from other existing brands in function design. It firmly grasps the emotion of consumers, integrates the core emotions of users, and has become a perceptual product.

Under the guidance of the working staff, a mom and her kid jointly experienced the strong functions of Xiaole. When they walked to Xiaole from a distance, Xiaole quickly recognized the kid’s appearance and turned its head to the kid with a “lovely” smile. If you gently touch Xiaole’s head, it will say, “am I very cute”, demonstrating its feelings. Voice interaction is also a main feature of Xiaole. If you ask him, “what’s the weather today”, or “would you tell me a story”, Xiaole will meet all your requirements.

Another popular robot at the exhibition can be found in the resting area. This robot is unanimously appraised by the audience for its services, including automatic food delivery, automatic music play, automatic guest greeting, voice broadcast, among other thoughtful services.

Experiencing Smart + Popularity

In recent years, AR/VR, UAV, among other popular technological products have attracted many people. The reporter experienced “a walk in the cloud” brought by VR technology in the interactive game experience area. With the help of the working staff, the reporter wore a safety belt for working at heights and a VR helmet and instantly entered the real-world scenario of working at heights simulated through the VR human-computer interaction technology. Looking down at the edge outside a high building, the reporter felt dizzy. Under the guidance of the working staff, the reporter had an experiencing work at the highly risky environment of a cement platform with a width of 30cm outside a building and fully realized the importance and necessity of wearing professional safety equipment.

On top of that, there are many cases of the application of AR/VR technology at the exhibition. For instance, the simulated ski training system designed for sports enthusiasts and athletes enables sports enthusiasts/athletes to get familiar with all levels of challenging scenarios through a high degree of simulation of various sport environments. Combining with the body sense system, the system helps them realize a clear vision of actions and strengths and significantly improves their experiences and training accuracy.

A “domestic edition” of the UAV that has been considered as reachless made its debut at this year’s Design Market. Its inexpensive price meets the demand for domestic use. It’s appropriate for aerial photography in a family tour. It can be used by both parents and their children, which has drawn family members closer.

More one-stop experiences wait for your discovery during the National Day holiday

You can enjoy all these interesting and beautiful things at the Design Market during the National Day holiday. At the same time, you can buy all experience products directly there, avoiding the sense of loss for going home without them. During the National Day holiday, you may take your family or friends to the China Millennium Monument to experience a smart life.