Parallel Session of Design Hop | Focus on the “Future” –Opening of 751 International Design Festival

The 2016 Beijing Design Week 751 International Design Festival had a grand opening at the 751 Train Square onthe afternoon of September 28. With “future” as this year’s theme, the 751 International Design Festival has multiple value discussions of the future development possibility of product, home, city, environment, culture and other areas, recaps the role and function of design in future social formation, and enlightens designers to find their roles in future social involvement. From September 28 to October 6, 150-plus exhibitions, forums and activities are organized at 751D•PARK, enabling 751 International Design Festival to become one of the most important parallel sessions of this year’s BJDW with the largest area, richest contents and most designers.

Guest Speech:

2016-751 International Design Festival promotion guest, Hu Jun

【Guest City• Seoul of Korea】

Seoul of Korea enters the 751 International Design Festival as the Guest City of this year’s BJDW. Under the theme of “Seoul, a Smart City pursuing Smart Life through Smart Design”, 118 groups of designers and enterprises appear at the BJDW with 400-odd design products and bring many brilliant exhibitions and activities to Chinese audiences during the design festival. They will show Korean designs in an all-round and concentrated manner from “Smart City”, “Smart Life”, “Smart Design”, among other aspects.


International Parent-child Festival - 751D•PARKjoins hands with many international organizations to present the first “International Parent-child Festival” centering on “companion, study and design”. During this year’s festival under the theme of “Role Exchange between Parent and Child”, a series of activities are organized for public goods, interaction and experiencein various forms and rich contents. Hu Jun and his son are invited to the scene to join this wonderful world for adventure and entertainment. Role exchange enables both parents and kids to havea new way of thinking and share their special experiences and inspire their extraordinary creativity.

China (Beijing) International Home Furnishing Design Festival – 2016 First China (Beijing) International Home FurnishingDesign Festival focuses on original designs, smart designs, green designs, copyright trading, among other topics. The festival interprets the theme of “Design•Science&Technology•Future Home” through three major core sections, namely “China leading home furnishing enterprises’ design exhibition”, “new Asian way of life & international home design and fashion trend release” and “series activities of Chinese Design Committee”.

21cake Design Exhibition -21cake invites 21 designers from different areas, including Sankuanz, Kazuhiro Yamanaka and Zhang Yonghe, to make creation with “cake” as the carrier. These 21 designers use 21 ways to probe into the relations among taste, design and people and show their creation attitude of respecting food materials and respecting artists’ pursuit ofkeeping fresh forever. At the same time, 21cake invites curators to independently design the exhibition space for each exhibit. Inside the independent exhibition area of each exhibit, the audience can see not only designs but also the artist’s life, living, attitude and future. The exhibitsare not just cake. More importantly, it’s the life of food being exhibited and the spark from the collision with the artist.

Audi New Material Design Show –With “new material, future design” as the theme, Audi presents a new material design exhibition overturning conventional design process. Publisher Qian Zu is the curator who joins hands with 7 young designers including Shuhei Aoyama, Sun Xiaotian and Christian Melz to use new materials to inspire new concepts and new products and present them as independently designed exhibits.

Green Avatar–As the display carrier of Gao Yijing’s “Green Avatar Plan”, Botanica Restaurant is opened to the public with a whole-new appearance and experiencing form and brings about a different surprise to the public with botany and nature. Since 1990, Gao Yijing has plannedand designed more than one thousand events and used hundreds of millions of flowers. Gao Yijing wishes to introduce this “Green Avatar Plan” to more cities and more public spaces and combine ecology with buildings. In doing so, Gao Yijing wishes to create a green world with organic air and realize biodiversity of the nature inside people’s living space. Since we cannot bring people into the nature, let the nature walk into people’s life and let people learn to respect and awe for nature.

Besides, excellent teachers and students of colleges and universities such as Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, also build a more quality work showcase platform. Moreover, famous designers from Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Australia and other countries also exhibit their works. In this way, this year’s 751 International Design Festival is built into a more internationalized and diversified design event.


This year’s 751 International Design Festival includes 35 special topic forums. Of them, 751 International Design Festival and jointly planed 4 master forums under the theme of “Oriental Designs Are Voicing” to focus on oriental culture and “humanistic aesthetics”. Director Lyu Yongzhong of China Institute of Interior Design (CIID), Architectural Society of China, top wedding designer Gao Yijing, founder and partner of B.L.U.E. Architectural Studio,  founder Yang Mingjie of YANG DESIGN and Japanese famous architect Shuhei Aoyama jointly explore the essence of the extensive and profound oriental cultural civilization and the source of the infinite value of oriental design. These forums are aimed at enlightening the public and young designers and guide them to think, inherit and make innovations.

With “Smart Design” as the theme, Guest City Seoul of Korea invites 15 Korean designers from different areas to take part in 15 special design workshops focusing on smart city, smart design and smart life andpresent how Korean designers change life,make life more convenientand gather people happily through design works.

14 special topic forums target at different design aspects and different people. More than 40 keynote speakers from different areas, such as design, play writing and handicraft participate in these forums. They discuss hotspot contents, including industrial city revitalization, designer role upgrading, coordinated development of design areas, Chinese product design and brand design, future application of new building materials and new technologies, design for children, tradition and upgrading of combining traditional handicraft with design, causing the public to pay attention to the changes of cities, ways of life and visionsbrought about by designs.


Private Design Class – 751 Private Design Class with “collision” as the theme aims to better promote traditional craft culture. 6 traditional craftsmen give lessons on bamboo weaving, Beijing fan, coffee spoon, shadow puppet, handmade book and wood carved feeder, enabling the participants to feel the beauty and tenderness of traditional handmade through small crowd exchanges and sharing.

Design Market – 751 Design Bazaar co-organized by Seoul OMAE Market and Milk Mart Beijing gathers nearly 150 booths of various kinds and presents highly creative foods and commodities to the audience. The audience may taste and experience these foods and commoditiesto their heart content. The market meets all expectations of the audience at one time for cloth, food, accommodation and transportation.

751Pop-up Store–Itgathers more than 600 independent brands and original design works of 20-plus countries and regions, builds a brand experience feast for designers from art, collection, fashion, culture, among other areas. Many commodities are sold in China for the first time.

Design Library –a cozy book fair and reading experience space created jointly by architects, designers and publishers for book lovers. Accompanying by the fresh autumn wind, the library provides a cozy and particular time space for recollecting the reading memories in childhood and enjoying private reading experiences.

【Youth Innovation Incubation Project】

This year, the Youth Innovation Incubation Project 751D•LAB organizes a silk scarf creation competition with “Creative Life, Silk Like Future” as the theme. Altogether 300-odd works were received. This project has received great attentions and support from teachers and students of design academies, young designers, fashion bloggers and official media at home and abroad. The judges had several rounds of strict review of the entries from multiple perspectives, including ideology, creativity, innovation and commercialization and finally determined 8 entries. The final result will be announced at the Design Night of 2016 Beijing Design Week – 751 International Design Festival.

【Landscape Transformation Project】

751 Industrial Landscape Transformation Project is carefully designed and created by WEI Architecture Studio and Studio O.

Wei Architecture Studio transforms the mushroom pavilion into a cloud shape floating in the industrial landscape. Cloud,having no fixed staying place, moving with the wind and following the law of nature, becomesa symbol of the mood and image with no obsessivenessand no worries about material accumulation.“Cloud Pavilion” uses modern materials and technologies to connect and overlap the past, present and future, creates an artistic conception of above material and touching the soul, and pursues the essence of “pavilion” since the ancient time.

Studio O names the pavilion as “Theatre”, takes “people” as the target to conceal the boundaries between buildings, and makes the transformed pavilion become a natural public space for people’s entertainment and engagement. The transformed pavilion has created a stage for a joint presentation of the art of space and memory with people as the leading role.