Channel to Make Reservations to Visitthe Auto Design Exhibition in Modern Times

2016 Beijing Design Week Theme Exhibition: Classic Review-Auto Design Exhibition in Modern Times will be held in the exhibition room on Floor B2 of the Contemporary Art Gallery of the China Millennium Monumentfrom September 25 to December 31, 2016. The exhibition is co-hosted by Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group and Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and co-organized by Beijing Gehua Cultural Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Hengtai Haihua Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Gehua Cultural and Creative Industry Development Fund. The exhibition takes classic car collections in over one hundred years as the starting point to analyze the historical information contained in the development of auto design aesthetics from the dimension of auto design.

Over more than a century since the auto industry started to develop, auto design has never been an isolated subject but has developed with the advancement of science & technology, industry, aesthetics, society, economy, and people’s way of life and imagination. The organizers wish to present the development process of auto design to the public, demonstrate the development of the modern civilization of mankind and provoke the thinking of the future development of auto design through this exhibition.

The Theme Exhibition “Classic Review – Auto Design Exhibition in Modern Times”not only exhibits a large number of classic auto collections featuring clear historical context and good quality but also conveys to the public the historical contents influencing and changing auto design through special exhibition areas, such as “Century Classics”, “Luxury Art”, “Streamline Design”, “Jet Age”, “Time Garage”, “Interactive Creativity” and “Future Car” with auto design as the context.

1931 Cadillac

1940 Packard

This is a rare exhibition in terms of the number and quality of cars being exhibited. The exhibition has also filled the gap of China in a number of modern auto cultural areas and has a profound significance to the development of China’s auto cultural industry and auto design academic cause.

1958 Pontiac

Opening Schedule:

Close for maintenance from October 8 to 15; reopen for free from October 16 to 23. The public needs to make reservations online in advance based on the opening schedule. Making reservations on the visit day is not accepted.

I. Opening schedule: October 16- October23

Number of ExhibitionsMonday to ThursdayFriday to Sunday




II. Way to make a reservation:

Log onto the official website of the China Millennium Monument, or follow itsWeChat official account, and select Order Ticket, and then click the Banner to directly enter the interface of making reservations, or directly scan the following QR Code for making a reservation.

Official website:

Phone number for consulting and making reservations: 010-59802222 (9:00-16:00)

III. Other notes

1. On the visit day, the audience needs to confirm the reservation with the reservationmessage at the entrance before entering for visit. Making reservations on the visit day is not accepted.

2. Learn about the opening schedulefor the period from October 24 toDecember 31 and other information via the official website or the WeChat official accountof the China Millennium Monument.

3. Due to the limited space of the exhibition room and for ensuring the visiting order and effect, we will consider controlling the visitor numbers in due time, please understand and coordinate with that.